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Our Press Release at Hong Kong Medical Exhibition

The World Health Organization has, after 70 years, drawn up a list of the highest priority bacteria which we must tackle before it is too late. The epidemic is likened to the epidemic that broke out before the “Penicillin era” when scores of people lost their lives to what is today, treatable diseases.

The WHO List includes 12 bacterial threats which are highly-resistant to antibiotics, prompting governments to take caution with antibiotics and step up disinfection and cleaning.

This is where Ultra Clean steps in. Ultra Clean is an award-winning surface protection newly invented in Germany. It is not only 99.99% effective against 3 of the highly critical bacteria on the WHO Black List and counting, it also protects surfaces for up to 1 YEAR.

Amongst the usual suspects, Ultra Clean also eliminates the H1N1 virus and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease which plagues childcare centers.

“We have taken on this challenge as hospital-acquired infections such as pneumonia, and wound and blood infections are killing tens of thousands of lives globally. The bacteria typically live in the human gut which makes it deadly, as it leads to serious bloodstream infections or urinary tract infections.”

- Schoeib Sabri, COO, Ultra Low Asia Hygiene Technology Pte Ltd.

Why does Ultra Clean matter in light of WHO’s Black List?

Well, if we look at how resistant these bacteria are, the number of lives they claim, the ease and frequency of infection, and, the burden these infections place on health care systems – then only can we appreciate what a serious problem this is. Possibly more people will die of microorganisms than of cancer if nothing changes.

In Hong Kong alone, 1,148 people died of Staphylococcus Aureus infection in 2016.

Ultra Clean has been named in Germany, where it was invented, a ”miracle weapon against multi-resistant pathogens”.

Ultra Clean was invented by a young German inventor, Mr Sandro Heindl, in his garage. His tools were a paint bucket, some chemicals and a pipette with which he used to experiment. After 6 years, he eventually derived his magic formula. Today, Ultra Clean is gaining ground in the German health industry.

Ultra Clean was designed to be easy to apply. It comes in the form of a microfiber tissue infused with this magic formula. Upon application, Ultra Clean will harden and form a thin, transparent and hard layer over the surface, keeping the surface anti-bacterial, anti-mould and anti-viral for the long-term.

“We wanted something that could last long because disinfection is burdensome and we have yet to eliminate the chance of human error when staff omit to disinfect properly.

Ultra Clean, on the other hand, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to 1 year. So human error will no longer be an issue to hospitals.”

- Natasha Latiff, Director, Ultra Low Asia Hygiene Technology Pte Ltd.

We have just launched in Asia. Our company, Ultra Low Asia Hygiene Technology Pte Ltd, is headquartered in Singapore. Buyers and suppliers in Asia are welcome to connect with us, to share this revolutionary hygiene product with more people.

Download the Press Release here.

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