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Mold stains are a thing of the past!

Ever since Greller's Backhaus in Langenzenn has replaced the kneading troughs of its bread roll lines with UltraLow-Hygiene Technology, mold stains are a thing of the past.

The company coated ten troughs from the bread roll line with natural cotton and then lined it with its UltraLow-Hygiene Technology. This technology is based on an aqueous solution, which cures to form an extremely thin surface finish after application. It has been certified by accredited testing laboratories and is approved for direct contact with food products. Made entirely without nanoparticles and silver ions, it is antimicrobial to 99.99 percent, antibacterial as well as antiviral and effective for a long time, thanks to its active ingredients in the binder matrix. When the refitted troughs were shipped back to the bakery for testing, Ziegler was skeptical at fast.

"A lot of companies have promised me to have found the perfect solution for our trough problem. In the end, nothing worked."

But after two to three months the Head of Production was convinced that the dough was less sticky in contact with the ten testing troughs and less residue remained on the troughs as well.

During the six years that he has been the Head of Production at Greller's Backhaus, mold stains were a long-standing problem.

"I can now look at this in a more relaxed manner, also considering that working hygiene is becoming more and more important", he concludes. "We're also saving on cleaning costs thanks to UltraLow Hygiene Technology and were able to reduce the downtimes of our lines. For our boss, the five years of warranty that are provided were also an important aspect in favor of the coating, however."

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