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Contamination from bacteria and mould disrupts productivity and work flow. 

We help businesses, laboratories, restaurants and 
food production halls eliminate bacteria and mould for the long term.

We do this by treating your surfaces with an anti-bacterial surface coating, "NOMOBAC"

NOMOBAC self-disinfects surfaces round-the-clock and for the long-term. It is like having an "invisible decontaminator" which works day-and-night behind the scenes.

This means, you can save costs from engaging cleaners or staff falling ill. 

3-in-1 Service 
Clean down, decontamination and coating
*Terms and conditions apply
$20 per square metre approx
With money-back guarantee*
Area below 20 sqm
Starting from $20 per 100ml


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  • Works round-the-clock, 24 hours a day.
  • Can keep area mould-free for up to 1 year - depending on use of surface and abrasion
  • Kills 99.99% of a wide spectrum of bacteria.


  • Water-based
  • Food-safe (once dried) (inert/ no active chemicals)
  • Not toxic for human skin (ISO 10993)
  • No nanoparticles
  • No use of silver ions
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Child and pet-friendly

Look and Feel

  • Mild odour during application. No odour after coating has dried.
  • Colourless
  • Invisible to human eye
  • Will not change surface colour.
  • Gives surfaces a sheen


  • Resistance against UV (sunlight)
  • Resistant against normal wear-and-tear
  • Resistant against temperature changes
  • Resistant against washing detergents and cleaning chemicals (under pH value 13)

Application and use

  • Easy to apply in 3 steps.
  • Pre-Clean
  • Spray and coat with applicator
  • Dries within 30 minutes
  • Avoid water and soap for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours, use as usual. Avoid heavy abrasion. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals (which you won't need to use for cleaning any longer)

Where it can be applied

  • On almost all kinds of surface: metal, steel, wood, leather, plastic.
  • Except on soft plastics, silicon and teflon.

Care Guide

Technical data

  • "I use Nomobac on all my kitchen counter tops and dining area for food safety.
     The Nomobac team were able to come in and coat without disruption to my business."
    - Tiara Chopra
    Owner & Director 
    Yellow Cab Pizza, Singapore
  • The cold storage room had mould infestation, causing staff to fall ill. We coated their cold storage room, incubator and freezer. One year later:

    "The cold room is definitely cleaner and smells so much fresher. Thank you so much for your product and your team's hard work. Still as pristine as the day it was done. We are delighted with the performance."
    Immunology Program Life Sciences Institute
    National University of Singapore

Where can I use NOMOBAC?

Office Hygiene

Food & Processing


Transport & Aviation


Industry & Manufacuring

Animal Care

Water Supply & Storage

How do I use NOMOBAC?

  • 1. Pre-clean the surface

    Ensure it is grease free.
  • 2. Apply NOMOBAC

    Apply an even layer by wiping, rolling, painting, dipping or airless spraying, whichever is most practical and convenient. For large surfaces, ask us for professional application.
  • 3. Let it dry

    - Ready to touch/use: After 30 min
    - Bonding stabilised: After 24 hours
    - Chemical curing completed: After 7 days
    For disinfecting surfaces with 70% alcohol, please wait until the chemical curing is completed.

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