A longer-term Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus Clear Surface Coating – lasting 6 to 24 months**; tested against TGEV-Corona Virus (see test certificate attached).


Reduce Mocrobial Growth Between Disinfection and Cleaning cycles

The reason it has a range of 6 to 24 months is due to the frequency & type of use – for e.g. on door handles are more normally used than head rest and not subjected to scratches by fingernails, rings etc. The Erstotizer for smooth hard surfaces comes in a set of 2 ie. the precoat which prepares the surfaces for coating and the actual Erstotizer coat while the Erstotizer for absorbent surfaces is only 1. Upon application, the vehicle cannot be used for the next 3 hours minimum. For hard surfaces 1 Litre of the set can cover approximately 200 sq meters while for absorbent surfaces 1 liter can only cover approximately 15 sq meters.


Typical Disinfection Protocol:

  • Correct Disinfectant

  • Correct Techique

  • Correct Concentration

  • Adequate Dwell Time

Erstotizer added to Disinfection Protocol: Potentially Significant Impact



Surfaces such as:

Plastics, fiberglass, metals, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, natural materials, composites: Including air filters for furnaces, air conditioners, air purification devices, automobiles, and recirculating air handling systems; aquarium filters; automotive and vehicular parts.

Material such as:

Roofing materials (tiles, shakes, shingles, granules, stone, membranes, felt, underlayment and synthetic overcoats); building materials and components (including siding, wallboard, wood and wood composites, insulation and cabinestry); ceiling tiles; concrete products; dry concrete and grout mixes; conveyor and humidifier belts.

Commodities such as:

Non-food contact countertops; fiberglass duct-board for air handling systems; floor covering; flooring; general purpose containers; furniture; bathroom and non-food contact kitchen hardware; mats; plumbing supplies and fixtures; sheet and formed glass; mops; vacuum cleaner bags and filters; foam for packaging and cushioning.

Fibrous materials and basic commodities such as:

Fibesrs, fabrics (natural and synthetic, woven and non-woven), leather and household materials (natural and synthetic): Including buffer pads (adrasive and polishing); mattress cover pads, filling and ticking; pillow covers; sheets; blankets; bedspreads; fiber-fill for upholstery; towels; shower curtains; toilet tank and seat covers; wall covering fabrics and wallpaper (including vinyl); umbrellas; fire hose fabric;

Non-woven disposable diapers; wiping cloths; pre-moistened towelettes and tissue wipes (these do not impact pesticidal properties); apparel including outerwear, sportswear, sleepwear, socks, hosiery,

Undergarments, gloves and uniforms; footwear (boots, shoes and components); sports equipment and athletic gear; cloth for sails, ropes, tents and other outdoor equipment; sand bags; tarps; awnings; book covers; pictures.

Manufactured Products such as:

Paint and Coatings; disposable foam cushions; foam used as a growth medium for crops and plants.


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