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Who we are

IGT is incorporated and headquartered in Singapore. We help selected small and medium German enterprises with product development and market research to enter Asian markets. We bring together expertise in surface and material technology from acclaimed institutions in Singapore and Germany to strengthen product validation, explore applications in various industries and leverage on new technologies. We are also well-networked with industry players and distributors in the Asia Pacific.

What we do

As the Asia HQ, we manage and provide technical support to our business partners. We are also responsible for the selection and appointment of partners and distributors in the region. Currently, we are working closely with National University Hospital Group (NUHS Group) in Singapore to run clinical trials, the first of such trials to be conducted with clinically significant and patient-centered outcomes. We are also running a series of other industry specific trials to meet customer requirements. We have completed trials at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

If you are keen on integrating our technologies into your business or distributing our technologies in Asia, connect with us at info@igt.sg.


  • T.Oesterwinter GmbH & Co. KG
  • Housing associations
  • Facility management companies
  • Clean room companies

Our Team

Schoeib Sabri

Owner & Director

Schoeib, German, is the owner and Director of IGT and its portfolio companies in Singapore. Trained in bio-medical technology with accreditation by the German Railway, he is in charge of testing and validating our key technologies to meet customer needs and ensure performance of product lines in Asia’s climate. Schoeib is also working with several large companies headquartered in Singapore to integrate our key technologies to achieve higher business performance.

Previous to IGT, Schoeib served as a Foreign Relations Advisor and consultant to the German, U.K. and U.S. government on infrastructural projects in Central Asia in the field of energy and healthcare.

Natasha Latiff

Owner & Director

Natasha, Singaporean, is the owner and Director of IGT and its portfolio companies in Singapore. A lawyer, she is in charge of product validation and legal compliance in Singapore. She is also responsible for the selection and appointment of partners and distributors in the region.

Mustafa Sabri


Mustafa, German, is in charge of acquisition of German technology and raw materials for partners in Asia.

Customer needs in Asia are fed back to Mustafa and our team in Germany who work with our production partners and laboratories to create solutions which will help clients achieve better performance.

E.R.S.T. Project GmbH

Key Business Partner

E.R.S.T is our key business partner in Bavaria, Germany. They specialize in R&D and product testing of novel surface and material technologies to optimize application, cost-effectiveness and user-friendly solutions for facility management and the food industry. Through the use of high quality components, sustainable and durable product lines is assured. Product lines are tested by independent and accredited testing laboratories in Germany.

E.R.S.T works with professional marketing and IT companies to assure smooth sales and customer service experience.

Rainer Wrobel

CEO Of E.R.S.T. Project

Rainer, German, is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of E.R.S.T Project GmbH. He is in charge of overall management, and, involved in product development, raising capital, developing partnerships and sale of key technologies in Europe. Previous to E.R.S.T, Rainer Wrobel was a long-standing sales consultant for globally listed companies in capital goods from the USA and Japan for the European market. Rainer was a Director of Sales for several countries in Europe namely Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Erich Eibl

Director Of E.R.S.T. Project

Erich, German, is the owner, director and key technician of E.R.S.T Project GmbH. Specializing in mechanical engineering and material technology, he conducts diagnostics of problems such as sick-building syndrome, dew-point deficits, growth of mould and algae and other surface irregularities. He also develops and builds prototypes of special machines for coatings and further air drying machines with energy recovery system.

Product Portfolio

NOMOBAC is a high-tech surface finish which provides long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, algae and mould. Compared with other hygiene products that disinfect surfaces temporarily, this special finish bonds with surfaces and enhances its longevity. This anti-abrasive product has the added benefit of not wearing off with water or detergent (after curing has been completed). For the first time, surfaces are protected round-the-clock - 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

SILIDOX TEX is a self-cleaning fabric coating that offers superior protection against liquid spills, stains, mould and mildew. Silidox Tex can protect all kinds of surfaces including smooth leather, suede, stain, velvet to name a few. Dirt and stain will not easily penetrate fabric fibres and can be washed off easily. Silidox Tex can last up to 50 wash cycles, a life-time guarantee for some fabrics.

MOULD-ALGAE PROTECTION 4.0 is a high-tech coating for walls for long-term and lasting protection against algae and mould. It is based on pure acrylate for the protection and repair of heavily weathered facades and concrete surfaces; plaster, concrete and masonry. It is a solvent-free cover coat with carbonation-impeding effect, high water-repellant properties and high water vapour diffusion capacity. It also contains non-leaching fungicides to prevent mildew.

Mould-Algae Protection 4.0 is unique as it can be applied directly on mould without the need to remove the mould first, making mould-removal significantly easier. In our experience, Mould-Algae Protection 4.0 have lasted over 15 years. Customers are assured with a 5-year guarantee.

RESISTOBAC is a high-tech coating for walls and façades. Like NOMOBAC, it offers long-term and lasting protection against bacteria and viruses.


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